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No house, all profits will go to token holders

100% of the house edge will be distributed amongst token holders

100+ Global top ranking domain names

With domains like,,, and over 50 other country names. Casino Nation will instantly be listed on top of anyone searching for a casino in their country.

Transparent gaming

All game transactions will be registered on the blockchain, so people can see the exact payout of each game over time. The game itself will not run on the blockchain

A complete portfolio of casino games

Casino Nation has its own portfolio of over 150 casino games.

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With Casino Nations global domain names we will be instantly listed on top of search engines, for anyone searching for a Casino in their country.

Casino Nation will deploy 100+ casinos and casino portals in 50+ countries:

The Casino Nation Network


CASI Token (CASI) will be minted via a smart contract on the Ethereum and BSC blockchains.

The CASI token (ticker: CASI) on ETH is an ERC20 token with a total supply of 50 million and 18 decimal places.

On BSC the CASI token is a BEP-20 token. On the BSC the other 50 million tokens with 18 decimal places will be minted, to have a total of 100 million tokens on both chains.

CASI’s tokenomics were hand crafted by industry and blockchain experts. Our tokenomics are based around our key objectives as a project and with our community as the main focus. Token utility, price stability and community security are the core ingredients that crafted CASI’s tokenomics.  

There is a total of 100,000,000.00 (100 million) CASI Tokens. The dev wallet tokens will be locked in vesting for one year. Marketing will receive a share of each token purchase for Marketing, CEX listings, and strategic partnerships.

How it works

When a player places a bet on a casino game this bet will go to the mother liquidity pool (MLP). The calculated house edge (casino profit) of roulette is immediately paid by the player to the token holders and bypasses the MLP. When a player wins a bet, he is paid from the MLP.

There’s also the option to stake your tokens for great rewards. When the MLP reaches a certain threshold (35%+ of the total supply) the remainder of the tokens will be burned and distributed amongst the stakeholders. This will ensure there will always be enough tokens to pay out the players, and distribute even more of the casino profits amongst the token holders.

Why CASI Token is a Winner?
Unique Concept

CASI is a community governed holder-owned token that facilitates the tokenization of CASINO NATION. The CASI Protocol is an end-to-end transactional layer that facilitates payment infrastructure for CASINO NATION, a digital token asset on the Ethereum and BSC blockchain.

Removal of brokers, banks, and other centralized authorities from unjustifiably taxing the transactions and property of individuals. Our vision with Casino Nation is the complete removal of all intermediaries.

100% of the games played at CASINO NATION Casino games are given directly back to CASI token holders.

Strong Management Team

The knowledge and commitment in online casino experience by Casino Nation makes us unbeatable. Founders coming out of the fields of online gambling, Fintech, Crypto, Blockchain and marketing. A team with more than 20 years of experience.
The CASI team, is dedicated to a decentralized autonomously owned CASI token where holders have the power.


Casino Nation has already operated in several countries in a centralized non-blockchain fashion. Casino Nation has a fully working and proven system, ready to roll out on blockchain technology

We give the profits to the community…level up the world…it’s all in the game!

Our Mission

Our goal is to make CASi token the strongest payment solution for online Casino gambling online.  Casino Nation’s to become one of the global leaders in online gambling. By the year 2025 the total online gambling gross win is predicted to be USD 97 billion. More than 25% of crypto owners spending crypto on online gambling (source: We see it as our life’s goal to solve all major flaws and problems that currently exist in this multi-billion-dollar industry. To achieve this, we set ourselves several objectives:

  • Transparent fair gambling with all bets and payouts registered on the blockchain
  • CASI offers an alternative to traditional casino banking systems -> no more difficult banking solutions
  • No more complex player registrations
  • Decentralizing gambling, so there is no longer an always winning house
  • Giving to charities, and help make the world a better place

Making online gambling fair and transparent. Casino Nation is fully decentralized