Making online gambling fair, transparent, and for the players. At Casino Nation YOU are the house


Casino Nation is a fully transparent, decentralized, licensed, global casino network, with over 100 country specific premium domain names. The token holders are the house!.

No house, all profits will go to token holders

100% of the house edge will be distributed amongst token holders

Transparent gaming

All game transactions will be registered on the blockchain, so people can see the exact payout of each game over time. The game itself will not run on the blockchain

100+ Global top ranking domain names

With domains like,,, and over 50 other country names. Casino Nation will instantly be listed on top of anyone searching for a casino in their country.

Fully licenced

Casino nation has a Curaçao gaming licence that covers all gaming verticals and products – Classic Slots, Progressive Slots, Video Poker, Bingo, Poker, Sports Betting, Live Casino, Baccarat, Roulette etc.

A complete portfolio of casino games

Casino Nation has its own portfolio of over 150 casino games.

Sublicense and white label casinos

Casino Nation can sublicense other casinos to operate legally. Using our “plug ’n play” casino solution everyone can start their own online casino. Under Casino Nation

Casino Nation will deploy 100+ casinos and casino portals in 50+ countries:

The Casino Nation Network

SmartDeFi Technology

Casino Nation is a SmartDeFi™ token meaning a set percentage of every buy and sell is sent to the asset-backing pool, yielding a baseline value that can never decrease! If the market price ever drops below the intrinsic baseline value, SmartDeFi™ tokens can be burned for their share of asset-backing.
In short the base value of this token can only increase!
More info about SmartDeFi™:

Our Mission

Casino Nation’s goal is to become one of the global leaders in online gambling.
By the year 2025 the total online gambling gross win is predicted to be $97 billion.
Casino Nation aims to have 2%-3% of the global market share in online gambling.
We see it as our life’s goal to solve all major flaws and problems that currently exist in this multi-billion dollar industry. To achieve this, we set ourselves a number of objectives:

• Making gambling truly fair and transparent
• Decentralising gambling, so there is no longer an always winning house
• Taking care of gambling addiction, and make our best efforts to protect people from
addiction using our platform
• Offering an alternative to traditional casino banking systems
• Giving to charities, and help make the world a better place

Since Casino Nation already operated in a few countries in a centralised non blockchain fashion. We have an already fully working and proven system, ready to roll out on blockchain technology.
Since everything, from backend to games was done in-house. This means that only the DeFi blockchain technology has to be integrated with whats already there.